Why Recruit from Nepal?

Why Recruit from Nepal?

Why recruit from Nepal?

Human resources and efficient labour, stand as the cornerstone of building the foundation of the modern economy. However, investment in human capital is multifaceted. Workers are recruited based on skills, compatibility, methodology, and cost-effectiveness. Productive population builds industries, and Nepal delivers on those grounds.

Nepalese is synonymous with chivalry and hard work. Manpower agencies in Nepal are propping up to cater to the growing overseas demand for Nepal's employable workforce. Multinational companies and organizations based out of Europe, the Middle East, South Asia, and South Korea are focusing on tapping the manpower supply from Nepal.

The investors have found noticeable advantages of recruiting from Nepal.
  1. Nepalese workers are dedicated and disciplined. They understand their roles and responsibilities and adapt to the environment.
  2. They are loyal and tenacious, which are traits beneficial to companies' ideals.
  3. The labour supply from Nepal is diverse. Professional or semi-professional, skill, or unskilled – a range of workers are available for work. 
  4. The geographical location of Nepal close to the Gulf makes it accessible by all modes of transport. 
  5. The Himalayas and wilderness predominate the Nepal landscape. The conditions make Nepalese sustainable in hostile working conditions.
  6. The Nepal Government and labour laws enable foreign companies' access to recruitment opportunities with simple procedures and minimal formalities. 
  7. The people in Nepal are peace-loving and humble. They lead a simple, honest life.
Their ancestry is the roots of Nepalese workers' tenacity and efficiency. Gurkhas, the Nepalese warriors, were proficient combat units in the British Army and Singapore Police Force during the Colonial Era. Nepalese officials work in the security units and armed personnel in Iraq, Afghanistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, etc. The Gurkhas were a resilient combat force worldwide for their discipline and bravery. The youth of the modern generation exhibit the same qualities, making them a driving force in the industry.


Establishing a manpower company in Nepal is a lucrative business opportunity with more and more foreign investors and companies interested in the labour supply from Nepal. Workforce companies supply the workforce to the industrial and construction sector significantly. In the maritime industry, famous cruise ships like the Norwegian or Caribbean employ Nepalese workers in security departments, kitchen, service staff and housekeeping. Nepalese workers also make their way to the hospitality industry where they work as chefs, domestic workers and managers. Singapore, Malaysia, Qatar, Dubai, Maldives, Oman, South Korea are hospitality hubs for Nepalese workforce.

Nepalese workers are an asset to industries abroad. Find a well-reviewed employment agency in Nepal that assists you in finding the appropriate workforce to suit your business needs. The manpower supply from Nepal is a continuous and proven investment for companies looking for economic and competent labour. They have a global reputation as straight-forward, trustworthy and hardworking. Most eligible and able Nepalese workers are listed and registered with a recruitment agency in Nepal. The broad scope of employment and minimal government interference makes the recruitment procedure seamless. The clear employment policy and willingness of the working population make Nepal the best destination for your human resources requirements over other countries.