Director's Message

Director's Message

Bharat Aryal - The Managing Director from HR Nepal Manpower Consultancy

Message From The Managing Director

Hello everyone,
Earnest welcomes from HR Nepal Manpower Consultancy. We are silently building the stairs with our youth and the experienced human resources for our nation Nepal. Frankly speaking, Nepal has the capability of achieving more GDP rates, comparing with other first world countries. We must take all of us forward, combined with our precious resources.

In HR Nepal Manpower Consultancy, we believe in equality with the close connection with experience and modesty. As a managing director of this company, I am delighted with my fellow team and thank all of our possible candidates.

If you are a person who is seeking a job, we will always try to help them and place them accordingly. We do not just provide a better job opportunity for the candidates, but we also take care of our valuable clients' needs. The HR Nepal Manpower Consultancy works with many national and international companies and brands, and are turned into a repeated client after trying our service once.

Indeed, we always follow the work ethics and perform a thorough background check before assigning a candidate to any client's locations. This initiation of our leads to various good vibes and avoid possible security threats. For this, I like to thank everyone who likely trusted us with their eyes closed.

Lastly, I want to appreciate our clients for staying with us during this pandemic or tough time and perform mutual benefits to job seekers and employers through us. Let's fight the situation and take our nation beyond its expectation.

Bharat Aryal
Managing Director