Manpower Agency Nepal-We Provide Security Guards and Workers

Manpower Agency Nepal-We Provide Security Guards and Workers

Manpower Agency Nepal provides the best employers and workers for your companies, business, and organizations. Nepal provides human resources to different countries i.e. India, Oman, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, etc. Countries like India hire thousands of Nepalese employees every year. Manpower Agency Nepal is a well-recognized organization globally. We address all those acute factors that play an important role in elevating companies to a higher level of success as the job market nowadays is highly competitive. Our company has the strongest referral network that improves the chances of success.

Manpower Company Nepal

Manpower company Nepal

The main objective of Manpower Company Nepal is to provide high-quality and efficient employees to our clients. Manpower Company Nepal has experience in offering and then placing the best employees in different departments of business houses and organizations. Our intention is to provide experts to your organizations. We have been existing and providing human resources for years in the international marketplace. Overseas companies prefer to Nepalese employees as they know that they are hard-working, loyal, and work diligently. This company not only provides employees to overseas companies but also provides the best job opportunities to Nepalese workers. Many overseas companies rely on Manpower Company Nepal for the fulfillment of their recruitment.

Why we the best manpower agency in Nepal?

We keep ourselves enriched with tools, employees, human resources, and facilities. We care too much about your requirements and try to fulfill them in a good manner. Our company helps all the dedicated people who are energetic and want to work in overseas companies. Our objective is to work hard for the welfare of our clients. We have an interview process for the selection of employees and they perform their best and show their 100% awareness about the work and job in demand.

Manpower Supply from Nepal

Manpower supply from Nepal

Why should companies choose manpower through our company?

Our manpower supply is approved by the Ministry of Labour and the Government of Nepal. The vision of our company is to provide the right people for the right job at a suitable time. The manpower that we supply is of high quality and have the high caliber to perform the desired tasks. We are specialized in the deployment of security guards, factory workers, unskilled, semi-skilled, skilled, and professionals in different organizations. Our mission is to provide the best image of Nepalese workers in the World.

What is our main goal?

The main goal of our supply is to achieve the targets that we set with our clients. To make an agreement with our clients we organize a detailed meeting with overseas companies to find their requirements and vacancies in different job posts. We outsource the services based on the required job types for our customers. We try our best to provide the maximum benefits to our clients. The employees provided by this company have complied with current rules and regulations of the recruitment countries.

Why is our staff the best one among other companies?

Manpower supply from Nepal

We are always between the clients and workers of Nepal so that the recruitment process runs effectively. We inform the process to both clients and workers in each step. The services are provided by our highly-trained consultants. Client's and employee's satisfaction is our top priority. We don’t only provide manpower to our overseas employees but the employees that will make our clients’ business more profitable and provide our employees with the right opportunities at the right place. Our staff and employees are best as we train our staff with the best possible training of all soft and technical skills in all fields that are in demand in overseas companies and we encourage their talent. Our employees are sincere and consistent with their work. Our employees are well trained to work in a team and they are pleased to work together as a team. 

Supporting our teams is highly encouraged at our manpower agency Nepal. 

Workers Supply from Nepal

Workers supply from Nepal

Workers that are supplied from Nepal to different countries are mostly young. These workers can write and speak English in an efficient way. The workers of Nepal have a very healthy and pleasant personality. Most of them are sincere, well-disciplined, and trustworthy. In standard interviews, most of those candidates are selected who have passed the basic schooling and above i.e. Intermediate level. Workers of Nepal are reliable for every type of job. The workers of Nepal have the best capabilities in different areas such as communication, public relation, foreign dealings, information, and resources. While selecting the workers from Nepal the interviewers focus on personnel who are medically fit, experienced, and those who can deal with unusual situations.

what kind of employees do we provide?

Our company is able to provide employees from Nepal to different countries especially Gulf countries. Worker's demands from Nepal for different countries are mostly satisfied by our company, as it is well known for the supply of human resources. Our company produces very talented human resources that can easily fit in different industries in overseas companies. For the selection of workers, the Manpower Company Nepal publishes the advertisement in the newspaper to collect the applications from the interested persons. After that, a committee shortlists the candidates for interviews. Then the shortlisted persons pass the interview and the finally selected workers are directed to have a medical test as our intention is to select only those workers who are medically fit.

Our responsibilities

After getting complete training from our senior professional experts are sent to different countries from Nepal. Training includes lectures, role-play exercises, and assignments. Training in First Aid, Fire Frightening, and Self defense is mandatory for all workers while on the requirement of clients training of industrial and commercial security is done. Before sending the workers from Nepal some serious steps for the selection of workers and verification of candidates are taken so that we can fulfill the requirements of our clients. Our company is responsible for providing the workers from Nepal to different countries in time. A little delay is possible under uncontrolled conditions like the unavailability of air tickets or some other embassy reasons. Manpower agency Nepal is also responsible for taking the unfit and unable employees back to Nepal. We start the recruitment process from the identification of clients specific requirement and ends it with the placement of an ideal worker.