Recruitment and Selection Procedure

Recruitment and Selection Procedure


The company recruits its employees only after taking them through a stringent process. Several organizations demand employees with various skills. That is why the most important thing for recruitment is to take demand documents from the client. Once we have the demand, we can start the procedure with pre-screening. Consider pre-screening as a pre-interview stage to select the candidates eligible as per the requirements of the client. Selected candidates need to have verification documents.

Here is a list of documents they must have

What we do?

Attested original demand letter- First comes first. The company always sends a demand letter that includes all the details of the job such as salary, type of job, food etc. Employees have to get attestation of the Chamber of Commerce of the concerned country and the Nepal embassy, and candidates must have the original letter. ( Sometimes if the Nepal embassy is not present, there must be an attestation of the Notary public and Chamber of Commerce of the concerned country)
Guarantee letter - Employees need to get this letter from the recruiter as a guarantee that they will recruit them as per written in the original demand letter.
Power of attorney - It is a documentary proof that the manpower supply company in Nepal has the power of attorney to represent the client's company for the particular project.
Employment agreement paper- It is the agreement between the recruiter company and us.
Since we approach the Ministry of labour and employment in Nepal to seek permission from the government, they might contact the employing company for verification.

Now comes the most crucial part, which is the interview process.

Steps of interview

Recruitment includes several stages of an interview. There are various segments of the recruitment process. In the first segment is the advertisement. European companies advertise their demands in newspapers that have legal authorization.

Recruitment agency from Nepal does pre-screening to make a shortlist of eligible candidates.
A representative of the Employing Company takes interview of the selected ones online via skype or some other communicative way.

In the second segment, selected candidates have to go to govt. Medical centres in Nepal for a fitness checkup.
The third segment is the visa process. Manpower supply agencies in Nepal arranges a 12 hours orientation class for those candidates who are medically fit. Once the orientation class is over the selected candidates, have to go for the visa endorsement process.
Final segment of the lengthy interview process is the final approval that the Department of Labour provides before the deployment. Once selected candidates get their ultimate support from the Department of Labour, they can deploy for their final destination.

We take proper care of the demands of the client as well as the employee. We explain the candidates briefly about their job, safety and most importantly, to honour all the religions rules and regulations of the country.