Security Guard Services-We Supply Security Guards, Workers from Nepal

Security Guard Services-We Supply Security Guards, Workers from Nepal

The vision of the company is to provide security guard services within Nepal and outside Nepal to different countries. Our company is a highly proficient and commendable company in Nepal. Our mission is to provide a competent, highly capable, and strong security work force to different organizations. We provide our security guards with new and modern weapons and systems. Our security guards meet national and international standards. Our security guards show discipline during the peace period while in emergency situations they show the spirit of do or die.

Our goal is to provide skilled security guard manpower. We give our best to provide excellent customer services to our clients. Our company has some core values and our security guards do follow and respect all those core values. Through this company we provide the job opportunities to all unemployed and willing personnel. We provide the best skills to our security guards through training and courses using modern tools and techniques. We supply the highly competent security guards to meet all the security needs of our client. On a regular basis we analyze security situations.

Our core values are the integrity of our clients’ organization, loyalty, unity of efforts. Satisfaction of customers/clients is our top priority.

We use highly professional and experts for the selection process of our  security guards. Another reason for our success is non stop monitoring and checking and excellent customer services. We carry a full assessment of the site where security services are needed. We deploy our security guards  to the sites of our clients to provide the protection of different renowned personnel, information and property. We used to give site visits to our security guards so that our security guards are fully familiar with the site and surroundings and are highly trained.

Our company is trying to introduce itself as one of the best international private security organizations that offers a wide range of security services and the worker force equipped with advanced weapons and equipment.

Security Guards-We Provide Security Guards from Nepal

Security guards that we provide to our clients inside Nepal and outside Nepal wear smart uniforms with the logos of respective security companies. We ensure that our security guards have sufficient knowledge and training of respective site areas so that they can cope with uncertain situations in an efficient way. Our security guards have management skills, well known with new modern technologies and integrated systems. We customize our services according to the requirements of our clients in an effective and efficient way so that we can meet our standards of quality.

Our security guards provide safety and satisfaction to our clients. Our company deploys the right person/ security guard at the right place in the particular time according to the need of the situation. Our company ensures the quality services through daily operations, monitoring and patrolling. Our company ensures the full bio data verification of all selected and deployed security guards.

Our company can deploy security guards in following fields and sectors

  • Banks
  • Hospitals
  • Airport
  • Hotel
  • Events
  • Industry
  • Educational institutions i.e. Schools, Colleges and Universities
  • Business Hubs
  • Embassy

Security Guards Recruitment from Nepal

During the recruitment process our company prefers the ex-security personnel as they are already experienced and they don’t need much training and with little bit guidelines they can perform very well in emergency situations. During the recruitment process we have two categories i.e. part-time security guards and full time security guards. Part-time security guards work mostly in evening and weekend timings. Security guards can have postings in different locations. Sometimes security guards are posted in hard areas where they have to perform their duty for more than the actual working hours.

Security guards should have flexible nature so that they can work in single or multiple sites and in odd timings if needed. Security guards deployed by our company will maintain the confidentiality of the clients’ organizations. The company’ core business is to provide trained recruitment to clients. Customization of security guards is the strength of our company. While recruiting the security guards for security guard assignments, role-play exercises simulation while training, background checks and proper reporting is done.

Guard Supply-We Supply well-trained Guards from Nepal

Guards are professionally trained in VVIP security and professional close protection roles. Renowned personalities who are in need of security guards, we provide them with well-trained and experienced protection specialists. Our company also provides trained guards to different companies that host VVIP events and for different occasions. Our guards are physically very strong as they are passed through a strict selection process and training.  Our guards provide services responses 24/7, 365 days of the year and all emergency situations. Our company always sends a professional security guard with a trained team to handle the situation.

Along with physical services our company provides the CCTV monitoring services. In guard supply we select all those candidates who are looking for the opportunity to grow their career so that their services with different clients can be encouraged and then in future they can be recognized because of their work and best services. Our company is providing a best opportunity not only to our overseas clients but also to the people of Nepal. It is helping people to get jobs. This will also reduce the unemployment in Nepal. Our security guards perform an important role in the enforcement of rules and regulation and direct the visitors within the premises of the client's area. The head of the security guard team prepares the daily report at the end of the event and submits it to the company so that a record of their service can be saved in the company's record.

We are looking for guard supply which is very energetic, personable and dependable. The guard supply our company provides has a great quality of strong commitment to provide world class security services to our intended clients. They perform the role of exceptional handling and have the problem solving skills. This requires that security guards are able to handle the difficult situation in a face-paced environment. Our guards have good written and verbal communication skills, active listening and interpersonal skills. Our guards have built a credibility with a wide variety of clients. The guards can choose the schedule of their own choice. There are following some schedule that any guard can choose according to the client requirement

  • 12 hour shift
  • 8 hour shift
  • Day shift
  • Night shift
  • Holidays
  • Overtime
  • Weekend

Security Guard Supply-Nepal Security Guards Supply Agency

Our company provides the security services to government and non-government sectors, within Nepal and outside Nepal. Security guards that our company supplies can perform following different roles and can provide the best security services to your organizations

  • Personal BodyGuards
  • Executive Security Guards
  • Corporate Security Guards
  • Event Security Guards
  • Industrial Security Guards

Another success of our company is that we not only provide male security guards but also the lady security guards. Our lady security guards are highly trained. Our security guards observe the situations very keenly at the client site so that they can provide proper security to client’ property and personnel. These security guards control the access to the client’s site and patrols the site area to perform checks for unsafe conditions, hazards, security violations, mechanical problems and entry and exit of unauthorized persons in the restricted area.

In case of any incident these security guards protect the evidence and scene of the incident. These security guards usually respond to different bomb threats, flooding, medical emergency, incidents of fire, hazardous material, in case of explosion, elevator emergency and bad weather conditions. All security guards may not perform the all above mentioned tasks. Some additional duties can be assigned to security guards and functions can be modified according to the requirement of the client.