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Indeed, for any sector, having better employees or workers makes a significant difference. If any company division doesn't have such operators, they will not rise and shine definitely. With this in mind, we the HR Nepal Manpower, bringing you the opportunity of hiring experienced or skill-less entities. This pandemic year is not showing good promises to the employment world. Yet, here we are, with limitless possibilities for you.

Why recruit from Nepal?

With a vast honoured and rich history, Nepal is a productive home of different varieties of human resources from experienced, semiskilled, and untrained workers. For any field, you will get the respective workforce supply from Nepal. No matter you are searching for an 'Executive Manager' or a 'Professional moulder,' we as a recruitment agency Nepal will arrange that for you. With the immense workforce resources where they are trained with vocational training to current higher study, they will match your specifications. The HR Nepal Manpower is always ready to offer quality forces, locally and even in the international stage, with the talented manpower supply from Nepal.


Not to mention, the HR Nepal Manpower agency holds assiduously operative and trade expertise in implementing recruiting assistance. Our organization comprises characters with more than two decades of expertise in the human resources field. Our Managing Director Mr Bharat Aryal has 20+ years of involvement in this domain. Combined with others, it empowers us to approach and cover widespread trades and sectors. As one of the top recruitment agency Nepal, we always aim high and attempt to secure all the challenges effectively. We will achieve that continuously by combining a unique experience, complete aptitude level over the personals.

We are pleased to encompass the honest, well-disciplined staff that creates the distance from other manpower company Nepal. From every viewpoint, we are always open to suggestions and ideas for our company's betterment, covering our clients too. Similarly, we predict spreading our goal recognizing the stage in the nation and abroad for the human resources supply from Nepal to any association.


On the other hand, we always care about your profession and assure you to offer the best employment, depending on your skill and education level. To provide the most suitable employment opportunity in different categories, our team prepares your data and tries to get a perfect match with the client's needs. Our vision is to make everyone happy, not just our clients, you too. Being a possible candidate, we must offer you the best suitable opportunity when you seek help from us.

When you hire us and employ manpower supply from Nepal, we additionally carry out the comprehensive liability for backup and its expenses, if any replacement is needed. It's not a common practice, but we are doing this for the wellness of our clients and our candidates. We have a complete database of capable candidates, and we can deploy them on site less than 72 hours. We certainly like to maintain the work ethics and quality while having a comparative price point than other human resources agencies of Nepal.


Surprisingly, we have a golden list of recurring clients who are keen to collaborate with us.
Although, according to the non-disclosure agreements, we can't disclose some of their names. But they are ranging from small to big industry. We have a panel of clients who like to speak about the business relationship status candidly, and always thank us for our excellent assistance. All things considered, our ultimate philosophy is to satisfy our client's demands quick, exact, and efficient manner with our human resources capabilities. We are doing the very job for a decade and gained the perfection and rapidity in this field.


For the most part, the critical difference from another manpower company Nepal to us is subsequently notable. We do follow a strict motto that makes the overall contrast. The Hr Nepal Manpower does not compromise with quality and never lie to anyone. Both candidates and clients are considered as a valuable treasure for us. Being a small county, this is an achievement we can proudly and loudly declare. When you need any workforce supply from Nepal, you should consider us, and only the HR Nepal Manpower doesn't make false claims or overestimate projections. We offer truth, and with our authentic business and recruitment style, we are voted one of the trusted agencies in Nepal. In short, we are the frontier and inviting you to connect with us on this voyage!