Know The Gurkhas

Know The Gurkhas

About Gurkhas

A Brief Introduction

The Gurkhas are more popularly known as the Gorkhas, raised in Nepal, but are of the Nepalese nationality. Alternatively, they could also be from Nepal who has migrated into India. These people were taken by the various armies and trained to be a part of the peacekeeping forces all around the world. Some of the Gurkhas troops recruited included the Gurkha Reserve Unit Brunei, Indian Army, Nepalese Army, British Army, and the Gurkha Contingent of Singapore.

The Gurkhas have also been part of the UN Peacekeeping Forces and have been deployed in the war zones throughout the world. Gurkhas originate from the Gorkha Kingdom, which is erstwhile Nepal.

Gurkhas are extremely popular for their Khukuris, which are the curved Nepali knives. Gurkhas are strong, sturdy people who have excellent military competency. The Gurkhas have been a part of the British Army and, eventually, the Indian Army for the past 200 years. 

The most striking quality of the Gurkhas is their loyalty and trustworthiness. Most of them are recruited as Nepali guards or Nepalese guards by manpower agency in Nepal.

In this article, we will discuss the Gurkhas and their contribution to promoting peace in most of the warzones around the world or at least in South Asia.

Contributions Of Gurkhas In The Armies And The Wars

As we mentioned earlier, Gurkhas have been part of almost all the armies in a high capacity. They were known to be resilient soldiers who fought with their life. Let us take a look at their contributions.

    One of the first armies to recognize the Gurkhas' resilience was the British Army, who then utilized the young blood to win wars and keep peace in and around India. Many Gurkhas were taken to the United Kingdom, where they eventually settled down. Most of them have secured jobs with more generations down the line residing in the UK itself. They work as Nepalese security guards in the UK too. 

The Gurkhas, who fought in the Gurkha Contingent of Singapore, settled down in Singapore to pursue their careers. The security companies, due to their character and experience in the field, recruit Gurkhas. They make great Nepali security guards

Most of the Gurkhas who are a part of the Indian Army return to Nepal to unite with their family due to the proximity of the two countries. However, some of the Gurkhas who work for the Indian Government have been recruited by top agencies in the world to ensure the security or are posted at delicate zones such as Iraq or war zones. Most of them have been on extensive UN missions to secure peace in a country. The recruitment agency in Nepal sends the Gurkhas to India for security-based jobs. 

   The Nepal Army, as you may be surprised, consists of 100,000 soldiers who are very well organized, trained, and graduated. They offer a significant contribution in terms of security and soldiers to the UNPKO or the United Nations Peace Keeping Organisation.

To date, the Gurkhas have been utilized in strategic locations and positions as a part of the Special Forces in Counter-Terrorism, Air Forces, Commando Battalions, and Para Battalions. Apart from that, they are recruited by Manpower Company in Nepal or by Employment Agency in Nepal due to the abundance of labour supply in Nepal.

The Legend Of Khukri And Gurkhas

The Gurkhas have been said to have a special weapon known as the Khukri, a curved edged sword. The Khukri is considered the national defence of Nepal and can be found with every Gurkha ever.

Interestingly, the folklore of Nepal says that Gurkhas consider it a job to draw blood using the Khukri whenever they are at war or are angry. If a Gurkha failed to use their Khukri during the battle, they would return with a scar with the same weapon on their body to mark failure.

The weapons are now said to be used for purposes of cooking and chopping vegetables.

Unknown Facts About The Gurkhas

Most people wonder what Gurkha means; Gurkha originates from the name of the warrior-saint Guru Gorakhnath. Gorkha is a small town in the Nepalese hills, and people who hail from this town are known as Gurkhas.

One of the most exciting facts about Gurkhas is that their regiment is a holder of 26 Victorian Crosses. Their regiment has about 400 positions for soldiers and is regarded as one of the most stringent tests for the military services. The guard’s recruitment Nepal has a qualifying test involves carrying a sack full of sand and gravel worth 35 kgs on their back and running around three miles over the hills. This race is popularly known as the Doko Race in the Nepalese Guards Recruitment. The Gurkhas make for a great asset in the Nepali Guards Recruitment.

The Gurkhas continue to serve The Crown, which marks over 200 years of service to the British Army.


The Gurkhas are trustworthy people, and more importantly, they are strong men who add value to the army services of very many countries. They are full of the Nepali culture as they come from a small town named Gorkha. The motto of the Gurkhas is “Better to die than be a coward.”