Code of conduct of HR Nepal Manpower company

We've directed at supplying the manpower in a legalized and proper rightful way. Previously, we have handled many such cases by abiding the appropriate business rules and ethics and respecting other countries' laws where we decide to work. We, the Board Of Directors of the company, are dedicated to following the business code solemnly. Our business code helps us stand different from others; it's our truthfulness and honesty, reflecting in our business code. We never withstand any kind of false information or documents in dealings. From all the manpower companies in Nepal, we are one of the best from the past few decades as we train them professionally to handle any kind of miscreants, and we are the most trusted and licensed manpower agency in Nepal.

Business ethics and codes

There is a vast demand for Nepalese security guards and manpower supply from Nepal because of their gaining popularity in effectively controlling every kind of problematic situation. In our entire business lifetime, we always kept our ethical standards high in the time of business. Therefore we are producing our code of conduct and will expect everyone (whoever related to labour supply from Nepal) to follow when they deal with our company.

  1. ·Before joining hands with clients or with guards, we always check the documents and papers to deal with our recruitment agency Nepal.
  2. ·Whatever may be the condition or the situation, we're very particular about mutual respect, and any kind of disrespect towards race, gender, community, color, and cast is unacceptable. 
  3. ·The employment agency Nepal always recruits highly professional and trained individuals so that they can do their work well accordingly.
  4. ·We provide clients with detailed information on each Nepali security guard's employment and qualifications and mention their working experience. On the other hand, Nepalese guards provided the client with accurate information regarding conditions of work and an explanation regarding the job and detailed description of the venue.
  5. ·The client should behave appropriately with the Nepali guards as they will start living in their house. They should get a proper meal every day. The client must be aware of behaving correctly with them. 
  6. ·Prompt actions must be taken when complaints get received from Nepali guards recruitment. We will take action if there is an unsafe work condition or disturbing the guards in their work.
  7. ·We and our Nepalese guard's recruitment together take a vow to not interfere in the client's personal life against our code of conduct. The client should also prefer the guards some privacy of their own.
  8. ·We have a personal touch and contact with all of our guard's recruitment in Nepal. We have a very close view of our guards as we like to keep a connection with them regularly.  

To Sum It Up

The agency scrutinizes both clients and guards, and in case if any of them violates the code of conduct, they have to penalize.